ISSN : 1300-2945
eISSN : 1308-9889
Özet - Spontaneous Cyst-Cutaneous Fistula Caused By Pulmonary Hydatid Cyst: An Extremely Rare Case
Serdar Onat, Alper Avci, Refik Ulku Ulku, Cemal Ozcelik

Thoracic Surgery Department, Faculty of Medicine, Dicle University, Diyarbakir, Turkey


A 21-year-old woman was admitted to thoracic surgery department with coughing and lower thoracic pain in the right side. She had an operation 5 years ago for pulmonary hydatid cyst localizated in the right lower lobe. Right sided posterolateral thoracotomy insicion scar, and cutaneous reddish swelling were seen in the physical examination. There was no abnormality of complete blood counting and biochemical laboratory analysis. Thoracoabdominal computed tomography was obtained, and it showed multiple pulmonary hydatid cysts in the right side, and liver hydatid cysts. Cystic lesions of the lower lobe were extending to the anterolateral extrathoracic dimention

Key words: Hydatid disease, fistula, chest wall, surgery.

Pulmoner hidatik kist’in spontan cilt filtülizasyonu: nadir bir olgu

Dicle Med J  2005;35 (4):280

doi: 10.5798/diclemedj.0921.2008.

Cilt 35, Sayı 4 (2008)